Memberships are available for Families as well as Senior and Junior sailors. The club has a number of boat lockers for use, however these are popular and may not always be available and are for active sailing members (contact the Club Captain for further information).

Membership Structure

Fees from 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019


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A family membership covers a single family and includes junior sailors.  It does not include children 18 or over, on the 1stthApril in the season.


Senior Member

A senior member is a sailor who is over 18 on 1st April in the season and does not join through a family membership.


Junior Member

A junior sailor is a sailor who is under 18 on the 1st April in the season



Non sailing Member, covers one person over the age of 18.




A full time student belonging to the University of Auckland Yachting Association, valid student ID required



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