Memberships are available for Families as well as Senior and Junior sailors. The club has a number of boat lockers for use, however these are popular and may not always be available and are for active sailing members (contact the Club Captain for further information). 




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Subscription due from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022



Family                    $90

Senior                     $65

Junior                     $40

Associate                $45

Locker rental (*)     $100

(*) Locker rental conditions: Must be an active sailing club member.

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Account Name: Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club.

Bank: ASB.

Account Number: 12-3056-0662832-01 (Some banks require another zero added to the last two numbers e.g. 001)

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I further accept that I may be photographed and/or videotaped participating in a external or club race and/or using the Club facilities and I consent to the Club taking such images for the use, reuse, publication and republication of such images in any media, in conjunction with my name or not, without compensation and without your approval of such images or any use thereof.

Your name provided in this membership form will be shared with Yachting New Zealand for the purposes of meeting this club’s affiliation requirements to the national body as per the Yachting New Zealand Constitution.

Please confirm if you wish your full contact details to be shared with Yachting New Zealand. This will allow Yachting New Zealand to send you your membership card and communicate with you (by post and electronically) in relation to your membership (e.g. by sending you emails about membership benefits and newsletters). Yachting New Zealand will not share your information with any other organisations. You are able to access and correct personal information that Yachting New Zealand holds by contacting Yachting New Zealand at PO Box 33 1487, Takapuna, Auckland 0740 or via email

When Yachting New Zealand sends you any electronic communications, it will provide an express option for you to decline receiving any further electronic communications from Yachting New Zealand, via an opt out mechanism

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Member duties

As the Club is run by volunteers, we do require a day from each member to be on duty as race officer as this allows the opportunity for all members to sail.


If your name has been listed against a race, you will need to 

  • advise the Club Captain If you are unavailable that day, so that another member can be found to act as Race Officer.

If your name has not been listed against a race, you will need to advise the Club Captain, the race day you will be performing your duty.

  • ensure you arrive at least 1 hour before the first race start. Assist with taking our rescue boat out. Check safety equipment in boat. (oar, spare lifejacket, enough petrol, anchor, VHF, Bailor, towing line, knife).

  • assist sailors arriving late with their rigging.

  • liaise with the Duty Officer or other experienced club members to decide on the Course, the Start Line, the positions of the buoys and where to place them. (if you have carried out a motorboat safety course )

  • if no Duty Officer present on the day, you need to run start race procedures, raise appropriate flags if necessary and take on the results for the race.

  • confirm with Club Captain to see if you can sail. Strong winds mean you need to run the rescue boat (if you have done a motorboat safety course) to help sailors in distress or if there are too many boats you may need to assist the Duty Officer in the tower.

  • pick up buoys (if you have carried out a motorboat safety course )

  • rinse and store rescue boat.

  • bring some biscuits, milk for the tired sailors.

  • Do the dishes, vacuum the club floor.