Our Instructors are all Yachting NZ Dinghy coaches qualified.

Lasers Courses -  Juniors and Adults

The next Laser training sessions will be starting in October 2018.

 Optimists - Juniors

The next Learn to Sail Optimist training sessions will be starting in October 2018.

 How do I register?

If you would like to ensure you are enrolled on the next training sessions, please fill out the relevant registration form and e-mail it to Bernard Sonck to register. Places are limited and classes do fill out fast, do register promptly

 There are a limited number of places available. We are sorry, but we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate all applicants. If you are enrolled in the course we recommend that you attend all 6 sessions.

 What do I need to bring?

  • 50-m Swimming Test will be required prior to Training session for new participants, please bring change of clothes for swimming test. If you need some swimming lessons to achieve this, you can visit the local YMCA swimming pool.
  • For sailing, please bring: 
  1. Sneakers, aqua socks, Wetsuit booties or similar to protect your feet on the launching ramp, and for warmth,
  2. Hat and sunscreen, the sun can be even stronger when reflected off the water, so please be careful to use sunscreen even on a cloudy day. A hat is useful for both sun protection and warmth. Make sure you can tie it down so you do not lose it!!
  3. Warm clothing (thermals) or Wetsuit and a change of clothing and towel. Do not wear jeans or track pants for sailing as these can become heavy and therefore dangerous when wet.
  4. At the beginning and end of the day juniors and their parent/s are also expected to rig/derig the boats, clean them and assist with stowing them.
  5. Click here to view training pictures of previous sessions.

 Course Curriculum

The following is a brief outline of the key points we will teach you for Level 1 & 2 sailing:

  • Safety items (both personal and the boat)
  • Difference between a buoyancy aid and life jacket
  • Develop basic wind awareness Develop basic boat care How to rig a boat
  • Know the names of basic parts of the boat and rig
  • Tie basic knots
  • Capsize and right a boat
  • Launch and retrieve your boat safely
  • Launch and retrieve your boat safely
  • Know the basic points of sailing
  • Get out of "irons" effectively
  • Sail upwind, downwind, and reach with control
  • Tack and gybe your boat
  • Know the basic sailing rules and lots more fun thing

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